Ear Wax Removal Treatment in Delhi

Ear wax or cerumen is a natural substance formed in our ear canal. This includes oil produced by the ear, dead skin cells, hairs, and external dirt. Ear wax protects the ear but in some cases, we need to remove that. 

Ear wax traps the dirt and microorganisms entering inside the ear and prevents the ear from becoming dry and itchy.

Types of Ear Wax

There are two different types of ear wax

  1. Wet
  2. Dry

The consistency of the wax depends upon the person.

Ear Wax Cause Problems

While ear wax is essential for ear health, excessive production or accumulation of it can cause problems. This should treated as soon as possible by the professionals or Doctors.

  1. Blockage of ear
  2. Itching
  3. Hearing loss
  4. Tinnitus

Safe wax removal 

The ear structure is very delicate structure and the skin of the canal is quite thin. One can easily damage the canal skin or even the ear drum with attempts to clean the ear at home.

Safe wax removal 
ear wax
Ear Pain due to ear wax

Safest Methods To Remove Ear Wax

There are safe methods by which ear wax is removed by a trained ENT surgeon.

  1. Ear drops: This helps to soften the wax and thus can be removed easily without trauma
  2. Ear irrigation or syringing: This is an age-old method, still relevant in the current scenario. This involves instilling sterile warm water inside the canal at a specific angle which helps in the clear of the wax. This should be performed by a trained professional only.
  3. Microsuctioning: It is a safe and effective method by which vacuuming of the ear canal is done with sterile ear tips. 
  4. Endoscopic / Microscopic ear cleaning: this involves cleaning with the aid of an endoscope or microscope. This is quite useful for difficult cases
  5. Manual Removal: this involves using a probe or other instruments to manually remove the wax

One should avoid cotton swabs/ Q tips to remove the wax

What Precautions One Can Take To Minimize The Risk Of Excessive Ear Wax Accumulation?

  1. Regular checkup
  2. For EAR hygiene, one can use the towel to clean the outer aspect of the ear canal
  3. Ear protection – avoid entry of water inside the canal like during a bath in the river or swimming pool or water park


It is highly recommended to use the ear wax safest removal techniques, otherwise it may cause serious EAR problems. You may look for the ENT Doctor Rahul Bhargava, if you suffer from symptoms such as tinnitus, hearing loss, or earaches.