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Ear problems are a major health concern. Even the smallest problem can cause significant harm. It is always best to seek medical advice before taking any sort of treatment or medication. If you have an ear problem, we are here to help you get the best solution for all your concerns with the Best Otology doctors in Delhi, India. An experienced and qualified specialist is now available in your area.


A tympanoplasty is the operation of ear where the disease is cleared from middle ear and the hole in your ear drum is repaired. This operations helps in sealing the middle ear and thus preventing the repeated infections in the ear and improves the hearing.
This surgery can be done endoscopically and microscopically. Both modalities have their benefits and drawback.
When done endoscopically, the surgery is done through the ear canal itself and thus there is no external incision or any scar. This is a newer approach and provides better visualization of the inside of the ear and causes less bleeding. Patient can be discharged the same day and resumes his/her work early.
This operation is often combined with mastoidectomy.


Mastoidectomy is a surgery of the ear performed when the disease has reached the mastoid or when we need to look for disease there. This involves removing the diseased bone, dead tissue, infection or cholesteatoma. This is often combined with tympanoplasty, which closes the hole in ear drum; with Ossiculoplasty (where the hearing bones are repaired); or with reconstruction of the posterior canal wall. The exact procedure will depend upon the condition of your ear.
This surgery is done with a microscope, and endoscope often helps in visualization of the important or hidden areas. This procedure is performed under general / local anaesthesia and takes around 2-3 hours. Patient is discharged the next day and sutures are removed after 1 week.


Stapes bones is the smallest bone of the body. This helps in hearing. If this bone gets fixed (Otosclerosis) or doesn’t move properly then the voice doesn’t reach the hearing organ and thus hearing loss occurs. Stapedotomy and prosthesis placement is a surgery where the diseased bone is replaced with a prosthesis. The prosthesis can be of plastic or of metal like titanium. This surgery helps in better transmission of sound to the inner ear.


Ossicles are tiny hearing bones in the ear. An Ossiculoplasty is the surgery of the ear in which the hearing bones are repaired or replaced. It is often combined with mastoidectomy or tympanoplasty. This surgery helps in recovering the hearing loss.

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